Our Story

Who doesn’t want to open their own bar?

Billy Jack’s Shack was created by two best friends. They grew up skiing, skateboarding, and collecting beer cans in their early years. They ended up going down different paths through their high school and college years and ended up in different parts of the country. Aaron Ludwig was in Virginia and Mike Sabin ended up in Florida, but they always managed to stay in touch.

Aaron started his professional career by opening a ski and snowboard shop after college. While Mike entered into the South Florida restaurant scene. They had mutual appreciation for each others profession and always shared their war stories, but never thought they would work together. Until one especially bad day at work at the ski shop, Aaron wanted something new. He reached out to his buddy for input and advice. After a long conversation, eventually they agreed, “Screw it, let’s just open a bar together!”

That first bar opened in Aaron’s home town of Harrisonburg, VA. That first bar was Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint. Jack Brown’s opened in 2009. It’s a simple concept that sells beers, burgers and fried Oreos.

Polaroid of oysters in the half shell on ice

After a couple years of success there, Aaron and Mike enjoyed what they were doing. They enjoyed it so much, they decided to open up another concept right next door. Although beer and burgers are still one of their favorite things, they wanted to offer more. They wanted to offer a wider draft selection, a diverse menu, a wild brunch and cocktails, but still served in a creative and fun bar atmosphere. This is how Billy Jack’s Shack was born.

Billy Jack’s opened in 2011. It took a while for Aaron and Mike to nail it down, but they kept after it. Billy Jack’s is a laid back spot serving up creative comfort food, craft beer and specialty cocktails.

 Through the years, they have built an amazing team that sees the restaurant business the same way as they do. They believe in supporting their staff and finding people who enjoy what they do. They always say, “A happy customer is a byproduct of a happy employee.”

The duo started expanding the Jack Brown’s concept in 2013 and they’re now excited to spread the love of Billy Jack’s Shack. We hope you come out and enjoy your time with us. Let us show you around the menu and let the BJ’s family show you a good time!

Beer car and bottle knocking together